5-Year-Old Makes Hilarious Face in School Photos

The kindergartener made some unexpected faces on picture day.
Stronajai Miles

A Georgia mom was shocked when she pulled her 5-year-old son’s school photos out of his backpack.

Sporting a large, open-mouthed grin, Andrew Miles, a kindergartener at Woodland Elementary, had no problem being himself on picture day in February.

"It was a regular Sunday night and I was going through his book bag making sure I didn’t have to sign anything for the next week,” Stronajai Miles, Andrew’s mom, said. “I was totally not expecting to see the pictures. I said, ‘OMG. They let him take his pictures like this!'”

At first, the mom was upset, but then she called her own mother, who found the images hilarious.

Miles shared what happened on her Facebook page alongside the prints, which quickly went viral. 

Commenters got a kick out of the photos, writing things like “I have never laughed so hard in my life” and “He is so cute and he was having fun.”

Miles said the company that took the photos, Lifetouch, allows students to express themselves in pictures.

“When we were kids, you could not mess those pictures up. Those pictures were so important, but times have changed,” Miles said. “I have to get out of the '90s and get with everyone else.”

Miles said she’ll frame the funny photos and will keep them for years to come.


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