Dog Gets His Very Own Graduation Photo for Funny Family Joke

Olivia Dufrense
Olivia Dufresne

They didn't want him to feel left out.

A dog in Canada has reached a milestone many thought he couldn't: Graduation day.

Since high school graduation photos for Olivia Dufresne, 20, and her twin sister hang on a wall of their Quebec home, the pair joked about their dog, Yogi, being left out.

“We adore him and, even if he is not a human, we consider him like an entire member of our family,” Dufresne told

So Dufresne decided to spend some time creating a graduation photo for Yogi on Photoshop.

Yogi, who is 12, would be graduating elementary school in Quebec if he were human, Dufresne said.

“While nobody was at home, I replaced an old baby pic that was hanging between my sister and I’s graduation pictures with our dog's graduation picture,” Dufresne said. “When my sister came back home, she saw it and she really laughed.”

Yogi’s picture is still hanging between the two photographs and Dufresne said they have no plans to remove it.

“He is our little prince, our little treasure,” she said.