Man Rescues Abandoned Dogs and Makes Them His Travel Buddies on Epic Road Trip

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A road-tripper rescued two abandoned puppies from the middle of the desert - and has since taken them on a 30,000-mile journey through 35 U.S. states. 

Jordan Kahana, 30, was driving from Los Angeles, CA., to Colorado when he spotted the tiny dogs on the side of a remote road and quickly rushed them to an animal hospital. 

It was there he found out that the pups were extremely dehydrated. Where they’d been dropped off was a “hot spot” for dumping unwanted animals.

The dogs were given water and shots. But, when it was time to leave the 8-week-old pups, a boy and a girl, Kahana realized he couldn’t. He decided to adopt them. Since then, the trio has had a plethora of adventure.

"I just knew I had to bring them with me. If I couldn't keep them when I got back to LA where I lived at the time, I was going to find a good home for them,” Kahana said. "Everyone wanted to hear the story and fell in love with the dogs, how could they not. They were at their cutest stage." 

Since rescuing them in December 2016, Kahana and his travel buddies have driven roughly 32,000 miles through 35 states, including along the east and west coasts. The trio sleep most nights in Kahana’s van. 

Since Kahana adopted Sedona and Zeus, he is never alone on his travels.

"I'm used to traveling by myself, but it has been great to have some companionship. We've basically traveled cross-country in month-long stints,” Kahana said. "I just put the back seat down in the jeep and I've got them a mattress so they're comfortable.”

While Kahana says becoming a dog dad has been life-changing he says it isn't all sunny on the road with Zeus and Sedona, despite the enviable Instagram pictures on their account. 

"They're a lot better now but I can tell you, that first trip, my car smelled like pee the whole time."


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