Prince Who? Digby the Dog Was Not Impressed by Prince Charles During Meeting

The service dog-in-training wasn't awed one bit by the royal visit.

A service dog-in-training was completely underwhelmed as Prince Charles, the next-in-line for the British throne, stopped by for a visit.

Digby, a yellow Labrador, paid little notice to the Prince of Wales and his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, who were making an appearance at ITV studios in London.

Digby was more interested in the gaggle of journalists dogging the royal couple and clamped onto a microphone. He then walked off with it. Prince Charles turned red with laughter and wrestled the piece of sound equipment from Digby and returned it to its owner, who said, "Thank you, your royal highness."

Digby looked the other way.

"He does like soft toys," his handler said, referring to the fuzzy mic.

After reaching down to rub Digby's head, Charles and Camilla moved on.

Digby, it appeared, could not have cared less.