Prince Harry Dishes on Meghan Markle's ‘Fantastic’ First Christmas with Royal Family

Harry was also coy if President Obama would be invited to their wedding.

Prince Harry and his wife-to-be, Meghan Markle, spent Christmas with the royal family — and he says it was "fantastic."

“She really enjoyed it,” he said on BBC Radio 4, while promoting a special interview with Barack Obama. “The family loved having her there.”

Prince Harry didn’t reveal too many details but did say they spent the holiday at Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s home, where they played with the couple’s children, George, 4, and Charlotte, 2.

“We had an amazing time,” Harry said. “We had great fun staying with my brother and sister-in-law and running round with the kids. Christmas was fantastic.”

And while Meghan appears to be at home with the royal family, Harry said there are some traditions she still needs to learn.

“I think we've got one of the biggest families that I know of, and every family is complex as well,” he said. 

But he says his wife-to-be has "done an absolutely amazing job," adding: "She's getting in there and it's the family I suppose that she's never had."

Prince Harry has been made the radio rounds in Britain on Wednesday after his interview with former U.S. President Obama aired. 

He was asked about his relationship with Obama and whether he would be invited to the royal wedding at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. 

“I don't know about that. We haven't even put the invite or the guest list together. Who knows if he's going to be invited or not. I wouldn't want to ruin that surprise,” he said. 

Harry’s interview with Obama was recorded in Toronto in September when the two met during the Invictus Games, which the prince organizes.

The former U.S. president was candid about his post-White House life. He said he gets up later and spends more time with his family, but added that his values remain the same.

“I still care about making sure that the United States and the world is a place where kids get a decent education. Where people who are willing to work hard are able to find a job that pays a living wage,” Obama said. “That we’re conserving the amazing resources of our planet so that future generations can enjoy the beauty of this place. Like we did.”