Giraffe Escapes Pen, Prances Around Parking Lot for 2 Hours

Thabisa eventually made her way back to her enclosure on her own.

With a neck that long, this runaway giraffe didn’t really have a shot at remaining loose for long.

Thabisa, a reticulated giraffe, escaped from her enclosure at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Indiana Monday.

She somehow got out of her barn and was seen in WANE footage galloping around the facility's parking lot.

Zoo staff could be seen waving their arms around and holding up tarps in an effort to corral Thabisa back in her pen.

After a 2-hour-long runaround, the giraffe decided to wander home on her own.

She is now safe and resting behind the scenes.

While Thabisa has never run off before, five wildebeests escaped from their enclosure at the same zoo in 2004 and were loose in the streets.

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo will now examine their exhibits to make sure no other animals can make their own great escape.


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