Girl Scout Troop Leader Doubles Down on Stolen Cash Claim

One New Jersey Girl Scout troop leader made headlines when she said the money she raised selling cookies was stolen.

The story of a Girl Scouts troop leader who claimed $1,000 was stolen from them while they were selling cookies at a New Jersey mall may be crumbling, according to police. 

Troop leader Jessica Medina reportedly told police she and her troop were outside of Woodbridge Center Mall on Jan. 18 when someone swiped an envelope that had $1,000 inside. According to police, Medina told them the suspects were a handicapped man and an elderly woman.

However, police have since said the story doesn't add up and they've close the case. 

The story of the alleged theft initially went viral after the Girl Scouts troop was photographed in tears.

Police said Medina later admitted the envelope may have been “accidentally discarded with the trash as the Scouts cleaned up the area.”

Medina denies this claim.

“Bottom line, the money was stolen,” she told Inside Edition. 

The Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey announced that Medina has since been removed from their organization.