The Girl Off the Train: Police Officer Seen Hauling Teen Off Commuter Rail

The teen girl is now suing after she was reportedly yanked off the train for refusing to take her foot off a seat.

A high school student was escorted off a Los Angeles train Friday after she was accused of taking up two seats.  

It all started when the cop ordered 18-year-old passenger Bethany Nava to get her foot off a seat on the Los Angeles Metro. 

In video of the incident, which occurred at the Westlake/MacArthur Park station, Nava is seen being removed from the train by the cop after he says she refused to comply with his instruction.

Nava was detained for "loud and boisterous" conduct. 

The young woman broke down during a Monday morning news conference as she discussed the incident.    

"I have never been in trouble before," she said through tears. 

Nava insists she wasn't taking up an extra seat and removed her foot when she was told to. 

“I had my foot on my seat like this,” Nava said during the press conference. “He said, 'You are going to put your foot down before I arrest you." 

The Los Angeles Metro has responded to Nava’s arrest, saying it will continue to enforce its code of conduct. 

“As Metro continues to work with our partners at the Los Angeles Police Department on the investigation of a young woman being forcibly removed from a Metro subway train yesterday, I want to be clear about my position: We want our Customer Code of Conduct rules enforced, but I'm disappointed at the way the situation escalated," said Metro CEO Phillip Washington said in a statement. 

Authorities are investigating whether the officer’s use of  force was appropriate.