Girl Whose Adoptive Parents Say Is Actually an Adult Has a New Family

The adopted girl is now living with another family.
Inside Edition

Inside Edition found them in Indiana.

A girl allegedly abandoned by her adoptive parents is now living with a new family.

Natalia Grace, according to Michael and Kristine Barnett, is actually a 30-year-old woman pretending to be a teenager. Before that, they allege, she pretended to be a child when they adopted her in 2010.

The couple, now divorced, have been charged with felony neglect of a dependent for leaving the girl, who says she is now 16, in Indiana when the family moved to Canada in 2013 with their three sons.

Inside Edition found Natalia in a new home in Crawfordsville, about 30 miles from where the Barnetts allegedly left her in an apartment. 

She is living with Minister Antwon Mans, his wife Cynthia, and their children. The Manses have applied to become Natalia's legal guardians.

In photos posted to social media, Natalia is seen being baptized in a bathtub and attending church. Inside Edition tried to speak to the couple, but they had no comment.

Michael Barnett, who has pleaded not guilty, along with Kristine, said he warned the Mans family about Natalia. The Barnetts claim she tried to poison Kristine and threatened to kill their family as they slept.

"I gave very clear advice to them that she is a sociopath," said Michael. "She's manipulative and she's dangerous."

The Barnetts next appearance in court is scheduled for January. Natalia has not been charged.