Girlfriend of Missing Boy Samuel Olson's Dad Gave Odd Interview Days Before Body Was Found in Her Motel Room

Theresa Balboa was charged with tampering with evidence after the body of the missing Texas boy was found in a duffel bag, allegedly in her motel room. Balboa gave a bizarre interview on Monday alongside Samuel's father.

Samuel Olson, a Houston 6-year-old who was reported missing last Thursday, was tragically found dead Wednesday in a motel room more than 130 miles away from his home. Now the spotlight is on the boy’s father’s girlfriend, who was arrested after she was allegedly found in the motel room with his body.

Theresa Balboa, 29, was taken into custody in Jasper, Texas, and was expected to be charged with tampering with evidence. She had been under suspicion since giving a bizarre TV interview on Monday, claiming that Sam had been taken by his mother and a police officer.

“I was going to take Sam to school when his mother showed up with a police officer, what I was under the impression to be a police officer, and they demanded me to release Sam. They said I would go to jail, because I have no rights to him. So I had no choice but to hand him over,” Balboa said.

Balboa stood side-by-side with Sam’s father, Dalton Olson, as he made an emotional appeal for his son’s safe return.

“I just want to bring my son home safely. I can’t even think. I can’t sleep. I can’t hold down any food. I’m just concerned, because it’s the most important thing in my whole life,” Dalton said.

An army of volunteers had launched a massive search for Samuel, led by his devastated grandmother. As the investigation continued, Balboa’s story began to fall apart. It turns out that Samuel hadn’t been seen in a month.

On Tuesday, Balboa reportedly vanished. A tipster spotted her at the Best Western and called police. Samuel’s body was found stuffed inside a tote bag, according to authorities.

Last December, Balboa was charged with choking Dalton Olson.

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