Girlfriend of NFL's Chris Smith Killed by Car Just Weeks After Their Baby Was Born

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Cleveland Browns star Chris Smith is facing a personal tragedy as his girlfriend was killed after being hit by a car this week. 

The NFL star and his girlfriend, Petara Cordero, 26, were driving on a Cleveland highway early Wednesday morning when his Lamborghini blew a tire and crashed into the median. Smith's girlfriend exited the car on the passenger side and moments later was struck and killed by an oncoming car. 

Just four weeks ago the couple welcomed a baby girl they named Haven.  

The 47-year-old woman who struck and killed Smith's girlfriend said she had been drinking before the accident, according to police. She has not been charged and police are awaiting toxicology reports. 

Sideswipe accidents are all too common, so what can you do to stay safe if your vehicle becomes disabled? AAA’s Robert Sinclair offered his tips to Inside Edition.

“In the situation [Cordero] was in, which was a peculiar one, the vehicle was broken down and you should not [get out of the car and] go in a lane of moving traffic. You want to stay in the vehicle, you have the protection of all of the vehicle systems – the metal, the steel, around you."

Sinclair says in an instance where you can pull over safely, you can get out of the car. 

The Browns organization has expressed its support for Smith, saying he's excused from team activities should he need it to grieve. 


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