Golden Retriever With Cut Eye Takes Himself to the Vet

A Thai dog took itself to the vet.
This pup was not shy about seeking medical help. Thai News Agency

A dog in Thailand took himself to the vet for treatment of a torn eyelid.

A golden retriever in Bangkok trotted right up to the door of a pet clinic and announced himself.

His left eye covered in blood, the dog scratched at the entrance of the Petto Street animal hospital, where veterinarian Siramanee Wongpitayadisai cleaned his messy eye, stitched up a torn eyelid and popped a cone around his head to keep him from fussing with the wound.

She dubbed the pup "Den," which is Thai shorthand for golden retriever, according to a local English-language website.

The vet was certain the well-disciplined dog was someone's pet, but he had no tag or collar. So the animal doctor put him on her motorcycle and drove around the neighborhood, hoping someone would recognize the handsome pup. 

But no one did. She then posted photos on the clinic's Facebook page, and sure enough, the owner came forward after seeing the dog's image.

The golden had sneaked out of the house and must have been injured himself during the process, his owner said.