Golden Retriever Unwraps Puppy For Christmas

"They absolutely love each other," their owner said.

All this dog wanted for Christmas was a puppy – and that's exactly what he got.

Cash, a 12-year-old golden retriever, couldn't contain his excitement when his owners surprised him with a wrapped present earlier this month.

When he opened the gift, he found a tiny, wriggling puppy inside.

"Ever since then, they have been best of friends," Cash's owner Marie Ahonen, from Michigan, told "They absolutely love each other, it's so cute."

Ahonen explained her family has always had more than one dog until Rosie, their Chihuahua-mix, died three years ago.

"They were best friends," she said. "Ever since she’s been gone he’s just slowed way down."

When she and her husband heard a local family had golden retriever puppies on the way, she said they couldn't help but agree to adopt one.

In a video shared by Caters News, Cash could be seen jumping for joy as he met his new companion, Jennings. 

"Cash will always sleep on the couch when [Jennings] is in his crate," Ahonen said. "He's got that sparkle back in his eye."