Golden State Killer Suspect Ordered to Pose Nude for Photos to Determine If He Matches Witness Descriptions

The photos would corroborate statements about his anatomy made by some of his victims.

A judge has ordered the accused Golden State Killer to pose naked for photos. 

Prosecutors say they want photos of 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo's private parts because his alleged victims described their attacker as having a "physical abnormality." 

Inside Edition spoke with retired Det. Paul Holes, who spent 20 years hunting the serial killer responsible for 12 murders and up to 50 rapes.

“The victims were consistently telling the original investigators that the offender was under-endowed," Holes told Inside Edition. 

He said the man’s anatomy is a clue in the case

“As victims were consistently reporting that, it is something that was added to victim questionnaires,” he said. “The thought is by taking nude photos of DeAngelo they may be able to corroborate these statements made 30 or 40 years ago.” 
It's believed the physical abnormality may have fueled the alleged killer's anger toward women. 

DeAngelo remains behind bars without bail. 

He has not entered a plea.