Good Samaritans Rescue Man in Wheelchair Who Fell Onto NYC Subway Tracks 

New Yorkers banned together to save one of their own. 

In a race against time, good Samaritans sprang into action as a man in a wheelchair fell onto the subway tracks at Manhattan’s busy Union Square station Wednesday.

Dramatic video shows the rescue unfolding as an oncoming train was seconds away.

The video, which was caught on camera by a WCBS writer, shows one hero jumping onto the tracks to save the man and pull him out.

"There is a downtown local 6 train to Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall approaching the station. Please stand away from the platform edge," a voice says over loudspeaker as the good Samaritan lifts the man back to safety.

Other bystanders frantically gathered to help bring them to safety on the subway platform before the train pulled into the station.

Seconds later, the train arrived, but thankfully no one was hurt.

"I was like, people need this,” Lauren Mennen, the WCBS writer who filmed the incident, told her station. “There’s heroes in action and I was like, I’m going to wave my hand at the train and it will all be good," she added. "I hope people just take positivity away from all this."

Mennen added that the good Samaritan "didn’t think twice whether he was going to go on those tracks” to rescue the man in the wheelchair.

The man in the wheelchair was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition, according to police.

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