Good Samaritans Rush to Save 2-Year-Old Girl Dangling from Third Floor Balcony

The heroes formed a human chain to save the girl.

It was a heart-stopping race to save a 2-year-old girl who was spotted dangling from a balcony in China Tuesday. 

Good Samaritans rushed to the girl's aid after she was trapped on a window canopy of a residential building's third floor in Hangzhou, which is in the Zhejiang province of east China. 

The girl was reportedly left alone at home on the fourth floor and somehow fell out of the balcony and onto the window canopy outside a the third floor apartment directly below her residence. Due to the canopy’s decrepit condition, the glass on the canopy began breaking with the child on it and time was running out before she would have fallen through to the ground below. 

Strangers who witnessed what happened didn’t waste any time. 

Long Chunqun, who owns a store on the street level of the building, rushed to the girl’s home but the door was locked. The door to the apartment next door was opened and he climbed from that unit’s balcony and onto the balcony that belonged to the little girl. 

Long Chunqun was unsuccessful in trying to get the girl initially on his own, however, another hero, who was only identified as He, came to help.

He grabbed Long Chunqun’s legs and feet, forming a human chain, and they were able to grab the girl and pull her to safety.

He and Long Chunqun did not know each other before the event and neither knew the girl’s family.