Goodbye Halloween, Hello Christmas Advertising!

Forget Thanksgiving, the Christmas season begins the day after Halloween!

Mariah Carey woke up Friday and sang that song, so you know it's the beginning of Christmas season. 

The diva posted a video of herself waking up on Nov. 1 and answering a call from Santa, and so begins the seemingly nonstop advertising for holiday spending deals.

Target has announced free delivery through Dec. 21 with no minimum purchase. Walmart says "The holidays officially begin." And Amazon is heralding "Happy Holideals," with specific sale items featured daily.

If you're in New York City, you can treat yourself to the newly opened, seven-floor monolith that is Nordstrom's cathedral to consumerism near Columbus Circle.

The high-end department store offers tailoring while you wait, personal shoppers, four restaurants, a beauty salon and two bars. 

So you can get a cocktail in the shoe department.

Happy shopping!