GOP Senators Under Fire for Not Paying Attention During Trump Impeachment Trial

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Republican senators found themselves under fire Wednesday for not paying attention during the ongoing impeachment trial of Donald Trump, at times showing downright contempt for the proceedings. Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri sat up in the gallery with his feet up. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky was doodling what appeared to be a drawing of the Capitol.

Meanwhile, the Democrats presented disturbing and graphic messages from the Capitol rioters.

“We were looking for Nancy to shoot her in the friggin’ brain,” one said.

And Trump’s legal team is coming under fire from none other than Trump himself. He’s apparently in a state of fury as he watches the proceedings on TV from Mar-A-Lago. Inside Edition spoke to attorney Alan Dershowitz, who represented Trump at his first impeachment trial last year.

“I don't think very much of [Bruce] Castor,” Dershowitz said. “I didn’t know what his theory was. He was just a schmoozer. He was trying to ingratiate himself with the senators.”

The trial is expected to last through the weekend and into next week.


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