Gorillas, Bats and Rhinos Chow Down on Pumpkins, Just in Time for Halloween

Humans aren't the only creatures that enjoy pumpkin treats during the fall.

Even hippos, bats and rhinos are enjoying pumpkin-spiced treats this fall.

Zoo animals at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois are joining in on the Halloween festivities as they snack on entire pumpkins in their enclosures.

The western lowland gorillas could be seen hitting the pumpkins like drums before chomping down, while a pygmy hippo bobbed for the snack from his pond.

Hani the sloth bear dug its claws right in, and the Rodrigues fruit bats hung eerily around the treat before taking a bite.

Some of the pumpkins were even carved into jack-o’-lanterns and stuffed with various other food items.  

However, a newborn rhino at a Czech zoo seemed a little less sure of the pumpkin.

The baby, born at the Dvur Kralove Zoo earlier this month, could be seen kicking around the pumpkin before dashing away.

Zookeeper Jan Zdarek said the calf is in good shape and will stay with its mother Etosha for a couple of years before being introduced to its species’ native habitat in Africa.