Grandmother of Missing Georgia Toddler Quinton Simon Confronts Babysitter and Asks If She Knows Where Child Is

Missing Toddler

Twenty-month-old Quinton Simon has been missing since October 5.

There was a heated confrontation over a 20-month-old Georgia child who has been missing for more than a week.

Quinton Simon’s grandmother, Billie Jo Howell, who has custody of the child, barged into the home of the boy's babysitter, who claimed he was mistreated.

“I begged you to help. I begged you to help. Put that on social media! I begged you to help,” she said.

She kept insisting missing Quinton is still alive and accused the babysitter of abducting the toddler herself.

“You got Quinton? Did you have Quinton?” Howell was heard asking.

“I don't have Quinton,” the babysitter said.

After the confrontation, the babysitter, Diana McCarta, posted a video saying she had seen Quintin with bruises.

“O don't know if his mother beat him or gave him them bruises. All I know is that when he was here he was taken care of,” she claimed.

Quintin's mother told police the child was abducted on October 5 while she slept.

“Her 1-year-old son is missing. She woke up. Her door was open. Advised he is unable to open the door. Thinks someone came in and took him,” the 911 dispatcher told officers.

Now, 40 FBI agents have joined the hunt for Quinton. Police searching the neighborhood in Savannah tweeted: “we've seized evidence that we believe will help move this case forward.”

Meanwhile, fears for the toddler are growing.

On Wednesday, police said they were bringing a team of search dogs to Quinton's home to continue the search.

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