Groom Dons Philadelphia Eagles Jersey at Wedding After Winning Bet

His wife never thought he'd win when she bet him that the Eagles wouldn't win the Super Bowl.

A Pennsylvania groom donned a Philadelphia Eagles Jersey at his wedding after winning a bet with his fiancée.

Jennifer Sullivan didn't think the Eagles stood a chance against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, so she told her then-fiancé, Patrick Hanks, that he could don an Eagles jersey on their wedding day if the team pulled off an improbable victory.

She was in for a big surprise when the Eagles defeated the Patriots, 41-33.

So on their May 26 wedding day, before exchanging vows, Hanks stripped off his tux jacket, grabbed a Carson Wentz jersey from the bushes behind him and smiled wide as guests hollered.

"For those who aren't aware, a bet was made, where if the Eagles won the Super Bowl, Pat had to wear an Eagles jersey during the wedding,” the wedding officiant said. "Jen, like many others, never thought that the Eagles would actually win, yet here we are. With that being said, Patrick, I think you have an obligation to fulfill."