Groom in Wheelchair Breaks Down in Tears as Bride Walks Down the Aisle: 'She Took My Breath Away'

The pair has been dating since 2007.

A Canada groom could not hold back his emotions as his watched his bride walk down the aisle on their wedding day last month.

Justin Boisvert, who was born with cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair, said he isn’t usually an emotional person, but when he saw his bride, Sabrina Raposo, walking down the aisle, he couldn’t control his tears.

“When I saw Sabrina walking down the aisle, I couldn’t help myself,” Boisvert, 30, told SWNS. “She took my breath away.”

The couple met online in 2007 and had been talking for a while when Boisvert let Raposo know that he was in a wheelchair. He said he was worried about how she would respond.

"Before I met Sabrina I always worried about telling girls I was in a wheelchair," Raposo said. "I thought she might be shocked or not want to go on the date anymore."

Raposo, 27, said she was initially taken aback by the revelation, but wanted to give their relationship a chance.

She said her friends and family questioned her decision to date someone with a disability, but as they came to know Boisvert, their opinions changed.

"At the end of the day he was still human and a guy who I seemed to have a connection with," Raposo said.

The couple tied the knot in front of 150 guests in April, with Sabrina being walked down the aisle by her mom Alzira Raposo, 58, and stepfather Tony Da Rocha, 67.

"Our wedding was such a special day,” Boisvert said.