Guy Carrying Suspicious Plant Stumbles Into TV News Live Shot About Marijuana Grower Bust

He then took off running.

A youth was seen carrying what looked like a marijuana plant as he stumbled into a local news live shot about a weed farm bust.

The moment was filmed live on camera in Kent, where news anchor Cameron Tucker was giving a live report about a couple that was caught growing nearly 100 plants inside their stunning thatched cottage.

Yvette and Neil Hartley narrowly avoided prison after cops found a whopping 88 cannabis plants growing at their more than $675,000 rural home, according to SWNS.

As Tucker reported from outside the house, the young-looking man walked out from behind a neighboring cottage carrying a tall, leafy plant.

From a distance, the plant might be mistaken for the illegal drug. And the kid did himself no favors when he broke into a terrified gallop out of camera view.

"When I looked around I did see his face and he genuinely looked terrified," Tucker told "...and that’s all I saw and then he was around the corner in a flash."

Despite the proximity to the scene of the crime, Tucker doesn’t believe there was any connection between the kid and the house he was reporting on.

National newspapers are now looking to find out who the kid is and, perhaps more importantly, what he was carrying.