Gymnast Lindsey Lemke Claims Coach John Geddert Threatened Her After She Said He Should Be in Jail

Lemke called out Geddert by name during her victim impact statement at Larry Nassar's sentencing.

A victim of Dr. Larry Nassar says she's being 'threatened' by a top Olympic coach after she mentioned him by name in her victim impact statement during the sentencing of the disgraced physician.

Linsdey Lemke says the threats came after she slammed John Geddert, the head coach of 2012's legendary Olympic gymnastics team, in the courtroom last week.

“I think he's trying to shut me up — is exactly what he's doing — because he knows I am right,” Lemke told Inside Edition. 

In her impact statement, Lemke said Geddert deserved to sit behind bars with Nassar.

Geddert's elite gym, Twistars, is at the center of the Nassar scandal. Nassar was the gym's official doctor and many of the gymnasts, including Lemke, were sent to him for treatment.

“What a great best friend John was to Larry for giving him an entire world where he was able to abuse so easily,” Lemke said in court during her impact statement. 

Inside Edition spoke to Lemke and her mom, Christy and they say Coach Geddert is trying to silence her. 

“John Geddert had just tried to get at me through another person and try to intimidate me,” the 22-year-old said. “He made statements like, ‘Do you know what this is gonna do to me and my gym? Do you know what this is going to do to my family?’”

“He insinuated in the conversation, ‘Could you possibly tell Lindsey to stop doing what she's doing?'" her mother added. 

Earlier this week, Geddert was suspended by USA Gymnastics and announced his retirement.

“This is exactly what he deserves," Lemke said. "He's hiding. He thinks he can retire and get out of it. No! I'm not going to stop talking. I’m not going to stop sharing stories about what he was doing because I am right and he is wrong.”

Inside Edition did not hear back after reaching out to Coach Geddert's attorney for comment. He has previously said he had no knowledge of Nassar's abuse and he has never been charged.