Hairs, an Ant and a Chicken Bone: What Inside Edition Found in One Hotel Charging Nearly $600 for Super Bowl

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Hotel rooms in and around Atlanta are going for exorbitant sums ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl. But what might you be paying for?

Inside Edition's Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero visited a number of hotels charging sky-high rates to see what she could find. At one Quality Inn, rooms typically go for $79, but this weekend, rooms cost over seven times that rate: $560.

But inside a room, Guerrero pulled back the comforter and found hairs among the sheets. An ant could also be seen crawling among the bed linens. 

That wasn't all: Guerrero found toenail clippings, a dirty sock and even a discarded chicken bone.

"Well, you won't have to order any wings because there's one waiting for you right underneath your bed," Guerrero said. 

Inside Edition called for a manager to come check the room out and she said she was new to the hotel but would take care of the issues immediately.

"During the Super Bowl, you're going to be charging customers almost $600 a night to stay here," Guerrero said. "Don't customers expect their rooms to be clean and safe?"

"Absolutely," the manager replied. 

In a statement to Inside Edition, a representative for Choice Hotels, the corporate owners of Quality Inn, said the property is independently owned and operated and the owners are working to ensure other guests will not have a similar experience. 

Tune in to Inside Edition Wednesday for a look at the shocking discoveries made at other hotels. 


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