Haley Anderson Case: Police Report Details Murdered Student's Complaint About Suspect Before Her Death

Binghamton police have released the report made after a call Haley Anderson made regarding Orlando Tercero.

Police have released a report that was made following an encounter slain nursing student Haley Anderson had with her suspected killer last year.

Binghamton police documented 22-year-old Anderson's account of a Sept. 15, 2017 incident involving Orlando Tercero, according to a report obtained by WBNG.

Tercero, also a nursing student, reportedly briefly dated Anderson and became a suspect in her murder after she was found dead in his home last week.

According to the September police report, Anderson contacted police after she found all four of her tires apparently slashed after she'd attended a party at his home.

"She stated that Orlando had confronted her about dating his friend, her now boyfriend, and that he got very upset and was shouting at her," the report says. "She stated that Orlando then tried to smooth everything over with her by pouring shots for her and her friends, but that he had too many drinks himself and began throwing up. Haley stated that she tried to help Orlando by getting him into bed so he could rest, and then left his apartment."

When she found her tires slashed the next day, police say Anderson posted a video to Snapchat and subsequently received a message from Tercero saying his tires had also been slashed.

Anderson told Tercero she intended to file a report with police. He told her he didn't think it was a good idea and Tercero never filed a report about his own tires, police say.

Anderson's report was the only one known concerning Tercero and Anderson, police say.

But now Tercero is wanted by Binghamton police in connection with Anderson's murder. 

Meanwhile, police say Tercero, a U.S. citizen, fled to Nicaragua last Friday, prior to the discovery of Anderson's body.

He has since been taken into custody at a hospital in Nicaragua, where he was reportedly being treated for self-inflicted injuries.

Despite his arrest, it remained unclear Thursday whether Tercero would be sent back to the U.S.

In a letter to the State Department, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer wrote that Tercero "is presently being held with no publicly articulated plans to return him to the U.S."

Schumer said Nicaraguan law makes the situation less than straightforward but urged authorities to throw their weight behind the issue.

“Given the violent nature of the crime, the disturbing facts surrounding the suspect’s flight from the jurisdiction, and our extradition treaty with Nicaragua, I respectfully ask that you make this case a top priority and take all appropriate steps to aggressively pursue the prompt extradition of Mr. Tercero,” Schumer wrote.