Halloween Hooligan Caught on Tape Smashing Family's Pumpkins in Broad Daylight

It's part of a concerning string of pumpkin problems in the Lawrence, Kansas, neighborhood.

A mean-spirited Kansas man was caught on camera smashing a family's Halloween pumpkin display on their front porch in broad daylight. 

The vandal scampered away, leaving behind a mess of pulverized pumpkins. 

The heartless prank left two young brothers devastated.

Unfortunately, pumpkin-smashing pranks have become an annual event in the suburban neighborhood of Lawrence over the years. It has become so bad that many families have stopped decorating for Halloween. 

Chris Leiszler bought a security camera after his family's Halloween decorations were stolen last year, but he never expected his camera to catch a pumpkin-smashing prankster in the act. 

“We have had people come and smash our pumpkins usually in the middle of the night for the last five or six years at least,” Leiszler told Inside Edition. 

The culprit even had an accomplice in a waiting getaway car. 

Leiszler posted the video on YouTube with the plea: “Help us find the jerk who smashed our kids' pumpkin” in hopes to shame the prankster or prompt someone to identify him.  

“We love Halloween," Leiszler added. "We try to make a big deal of it every year. It is hard because these people, for no good reason, just want to spoil it for us,” he told Inside Edition.

His young sons say they want to ask the person why they would smash the pumpkins and "what good did it do for you?"  

Tuesday afternoon update: Thankfully, the suspect has been identified. Leiszler later posted on Facebook to say anonymous tipsters had identified the alleged culprit, who together with "two accomplices will be coming over to our house tomorrow to apologize." 

"I showed up at his fraternity this evening with a police officer, and the kid 'fessed up," Leiszler added. He does not plan to press charges.