Handcuffed Man Takes Nosedive Off Balcony While Fleeing Court

Christopher Clay Rudd reportedly broke a leg, his pelvis and fractured his skull.

A handcuffed Utah man seriously injured himself Thursday when he flipped and nosedived off a second-floor balcony after fleeing a courtroom.

The entire spectacle was recorded in surveillance footage at the Spanish Fork courthouse, where Christopher Clay Rudd was making an appearance on drug charges, according to the Associated Press

Officials said Rudd made the shocking move as he suddenly darted out of the courtroom and made the terrifying leap. 

In the video, a courthouse official can be seen attempting to catch Rudd as he flips over the ledge.

After smashing into the floor, bailiffs come to Rudd's aid as he appears dazed on a blood-spattered floor.

Rudd, 35, reportedly broke a leg, his pelvis and fractured his skull. 

A police spokesperson said it wasn't clear whether Rudd was trying to cause himself harm.