Harrowing Video Shows Deputy Going Into Burning SUV to Save Dog

The footage was released by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office this week.

A deputy in Colorado is being hailed a hero for taking immediate action to save a dog from a car that was on fire.

On Thursday, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office shared video of the January 22 rescue after Deputy Michael Gregorek was responding to a call of a vehicle on fire.

When he got the scene, he saw a man trying to get his dog out of an SUV. With his baton, the deputy helped the man and smashed the back window to get the dog out of harm's way.

The dog, Hank, was drooling from the smoke inhalation, but the officer and civilian could not get the dog out of the SUV.

The deputy then lunged into the burning vehicle and pulled Hank out and got him in the nearby snow to cool off and get fresh oxygen in his lungs.

Hank thanked the deputy the only way he knew how -- by licking his hero's face.

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