Has a New Species of Whale Been Found? Scientists Working off Western Coast of Mexico Make Amazing Discovery

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A previously unknown species of whale has been discovered off the wester coast of Mexico, scientists working there say. The newly discovered whale is believed to be a type of beaked whale, which are smaller than many other whales and have a dolphin-like nose. 

"We wanted to find Perrin's beaked whale. What we ended up finding was another beaked whales species," Dr. Jay Barlow, a retired adjunct professor with Scripps Institution of Oceanography told reporters. "It was clear it was a beaked whale, they surfaced very close to the boat, and then they came to us, two, three times they came back to the boat," 

He said both whales looked and sounded different from the approximately 23 other known species of whales. 

"Finding a new species of mammal, a large mammal, is incredible," he said. 

Researchers took water samples and will analyze them to see if it is indeed a new species. Another expedition is planned for the scientists next year. 

"If our wishes come true, and if this truly is a new species of beaked whale, it will inspire future generations of scientists to want to go out and discover,” Barlow said.


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