From Hats to Morning Suits, How to Dress for a Royal Wedding

If you have a ticket to the most exclusive event of the year, here is how you dress.

No royal wedding is complete without a parade of stylish hats.  

Inside Edition's Diane McInerney went behind the scenes at Philip Treacy's workshop in London, where artisans are putting the finishing touches on hats. 

McInerney, who happens to be Treacy's cousin, tried on a variety of different hats that a woman would don for a royal occasion. 

Meghan Markle has worn several hats by the designer. 
The dress requirement for the guys is a morning suit that features a grey or black cutaway jacket, usually one button, striped trousers and a vest that will usually match the jacket. 

The suit can be accessorized with gloves, a top hat, and an ascot or simple neck or bow tie. A guy can also pin a flower on his lapel.