Haunting Back-to-School PSA Spotlights Ordinary Items That Might Save Kids' Lives in a Shooting

The chilling PSA was released by Sandy Hook Promise.

A new back-to-school commercial is turning heads because it is more than meets the eye.

Teens show off the ordinary items they would bring to school like book bags, sweaters, folders and skateboards, and demonstrate how they might save their lives in case of a school shooting.

The chilling PSA was released by Sandy Hook Promise, a gun safety advocacy group formed in the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre in 2012.

In the PSA, the teens show how their new sneakers are good for running away from a gunman, while a skateboard is used to break a window to escape. 

Most chilling of all is a scene of a young girl, hiding in the bathroom and using a new phone to text her mom during a school shooting, tears running down her face. 

You can watch the new PSA above.