FAA Investigates After Teen Fires Pistol-Shooting Drone, Says it Was For His Studies

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The FAA has launched an investigation after an 18-year-old student allegedly fired a weapon he had attached to the top of a drone.

Austin Haughwout of Clinton, Connecticut told INSIDE EDITION that he mounted a 9mm semi-automatic pistol to the top of the drone as part of his studies.

"I am going for a degree in mechanical engineering and this was an application of the technology I have access to," he said.

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He also demonstrated how the drone, which has a mounted camera, could fly up to 30 feet high. The weapon is fired by a remote control.

Earlier this month, Austin filmed a video of him flying the drone and firing the weapon and posted it to YouTube.

Federal authorities said they are now looking into whether any aviation laws were violated. Police told the Associated Press that it appears no state laws were broken.

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It's not the first time Austin has made headlines with his drone. Last summer, he was attacked by a woman who claimed he videotaped her with the device while she sat on a beach near his home.

As the investigation into his drone continues, other drone operators are coming under fire for hampering firefighting efforts over a massive blaze on a California highway last weekend.

There were so many drones flying over the inferno that firefighting aircraft were delayed for 20 minutes. 

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