MMA Fighter Wins Title, Discovers She is 12 Weeks Pregnant

MMA fighter Kinberly Novaes fought hard and won a fight in Brazil – and later found out that she was 12 weeks pregnant at the time.

Novaes defeated Renata Baldan on May 17 to win the Noxii 115-pound title, but she had no idea she was pregnant, even though she felt a little under the weather.

"I'm a little stubborn, I don’t like to go to the doctor," Novaes explained to

"I’ve been feeling sick for a while, colic, headaches and cramps. I was feeling tired recently, couldn’t even run, and it was really tough for me to cut weight."

When she finally went to the doctor last week, she got an explanation.

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"We did a morphology ultrasound last week and the doctor said I'm 24 weeks pregnant, almost six months," Novaes said.

Despite carrying the child during the fight, the baby was unharmed, she said.

"My baby is healthy and strong," she said.

Although she didn't take the news of the pregnancy well at first, she realizes it is a blessing.

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"I cried a lot, ran out of the hospital, but I realized that was good news," she said. "I thought I was sick, but I had a baby instead."

Noaves and her boyfriend, fellow MMA fighter Jacson Carvalho, are expecting a little boy.


Eu e o segurança da festa ?

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