Stressed-Out Bird Pulls Out All Her Feathers Before She's Rescued

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A stressed-out bird who pulled out most of her feathers is now on the mend after being rescued.

The 19-year-old parrot, called Hobby, smelled of stale cigarettes and rotting garbage when she arrived at Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary in Kansas in September.

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She was nearly completely featherless, having plucked out feathers across her body and wings. Birds are prone to plucking out their feathers in response to stressful situations.

"She is why we do what we do," the sanctuary wrote on its Facebook page after her arrival.

As she settled in, staff decided to give her a new name.

"We have decided to change Hobby's name to Javi, (pronounced "Ha vee") since no living being should be someone's hobby," they wrote.

After some love and care from the staff at the Sanctuary, Javi is getting stronger.

"In just over 12 hours she's gotten her first bath EVER and discovered the joys of fresh bananas and apples," staff wrote.

Her confidence is growing and she is starting to explore.

"She is doing awesome! Full of personality and love! She is a rock star!!" an update read on Thursday.

It is unclear how long it will take for her feathers to grow back.

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For more information about the sanctuary and to find out how you can help Javi, visit the sanctuary's website here.

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