Rescued Deer Can't Stay Away From The Man Who Saved Her Life

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A fawn just can’t keep away from the man who spent months nursing her back to health.

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In June, a hungry and dehydrated baby deer was found standing over her mother, a doe that had been hit and killed by a car.

For the next five months, a Midwest man rehabbed the deer. He bottle fed the fawn five times a day, until she was healthy enough to run around on her own.

One month after the fawn was released, she still comes back to hang out with the man who rehabbed her. A video shared by ViralHog shows the deer playing as if she's a dog.

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The man who nursed her back to health, Steven, told INSIDE EDITION that the fawn has been back a few times.

“She comes back, wants a bottle then goes and does her thing,” he said to IE.

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