School Secretary Gets $10,000 from Anonymous Couple After Years of Helping Others

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Christmas was a little bit brighter this year for an elementary school secretary after she received a surprise check for $10,000 transforming her life forever.

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Stephanie Empey, a Dora Erickson Elementary School secretary has been helping people in her community for years, often times at the determent of her own well-being.

Empey’s friend and co-worker, Gaylene Anderson says that the mom suffers from Diabetes and often is so focused on caring for students, friends and family she often forgets to take care of herself.

“She takes in everyone; she gives them a place when they’ve been without. They’ve been either evicted or homeless, she’s been doing this for years,” Anderson told  “She’s had diabetes since fifth grade; she will take care of others before she will take care of her diabetes.”

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An anonymous couple heard about Empey’s story and wanted to give her some holiday cheer this year by donating $10,000. East Idaho News was asked to deliver the generous gift to Empey who broke down in tears after seeing the check.

After year of helping others this mom got a deserving gift she never expected. 

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