30 Years After Knife Attack, Ex-Model Marla Hanson Gives Advice to Slashing Victim

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A woman who was brutally slashed in New York last month is getting words of advice and comfort from a former model who famously went through a similar ordeal 30 years ago.

Amanda Lynn Morris, 24, was left with bad cuts to her face after she was sliced in January by a stranger - just one of several recent attacks across the city. A 41-year-old man has been charged in that incident.

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"It is harder to trust people now," she said.

So INSIDE EDITION contacted Marla Hanson and asked her to give words of advice. In 1986, Hanson was working as a model when her landlord hired men to attack her after she spurned his advances.

"He had two men waiting for me with razor blades and the minute I saw them I knew, something was off," she said.

She was left with large scars across her face.

Hanson, whose story was made into a TV movie, now works as a victims' advocate. INSIDE EDITION introduced her to Morris.

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"My life has changed," Morris told her. "Like I'm never going to be the same. How do you get back to being yourself again?"

Hanson told her: "You can't go back to who you were. That person you were isn't there anymore. It's almost like a death. On the other side of that you get to build, to recreate a new person. A new Amanda."

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