Horse is Airlifted to Safety After It Became Trapped At the Bottom of a Canyon

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A horse was airlifted to safety after falling to the bottom of a canyon in the Los Angeles County Foothills.

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The Los Angeles County Fire Department received a call to rescue the horse around 1:19 p.m. on Saturday, KCBS reported.

Firefighters said the horse fell in a ravine located on a private property near the San Fernando Valley after falling 150 feet.

When it was determined that an airlift was necessary, the county fire department teamed up with animal experts to rescue the horse out of the ravine.

"It was a multi-agency response," said Fireighter Specialist Randall Wright, who responded to the incident.

His team enlisted the help of camp crews, who had to clear away thick brush by hand to clear a path to the horse. The Urban Search and Rescue team then placed a harness on the horse to bring it out of the ravine.

Wright told the horse was sedated, and the crew covered its eyes and ears to minimize distress during the journey.

"A large amount of brush" was also cleared on the ground to prepare for landing, according to the @LACoFDPIO.

Video footage shows the horse's dramatic journey as it was airlifted and eventually brought to safety just hours after being discovered.

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Wright told the horse was dazed afterwards, but "started making noises at us" immediately after coming out of anesthesia. "It seems mostly uninjured, and we released it back to the owner," he added.

Wright also said there were no ambulences on the scene, leading him to believe the rider was not injured.

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