'Awful' Woman Puts Her Very Long Ponytail Over Seat, Blocks Plane Passenger's TV

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A photo shows a female plane passenger's long ponytail hanging over her seat and covering the TV of the man sitting behind her.

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Boston Globe columnist Dante Ramos shared the image on Twitter:

Ramos then gave readers an update to show that the woman eventually moved her ponytail.

But the ponytail passenger isn't the only one being just plane rude. Other incidents of passenger shaming include bare feet on a trail table:

And someone clipping their nails on a flight.

To other hair incidents:

The "Passenger Shaming" Facebook page has racked up more than 400,000 likes for revealing passengers' shocking behavior.

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Former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen started the page.

She told INSIDE EDITION: "People love the Passenger Shaming movement. They are taking the photos because they can't take it anymore."

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