Bizarre High-Speed Police Chase Includes Doughnuts, a TMZ Tour Bus and Hugs

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Even by Los Angeles standards, this was a very weird car chase.

Among the oddities of Thursday's 90-minute, high-speed police pursuit in the rain: a TMZ tour bus, doughnuts being spun on Hollywood Boulevard and two suspects who mugged for overhead helicopters and looked like they were having big fun.

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On live local television, two home burglary suspects sped from Cerritos into downtown L.A., then west to Hollywood in a convertible Ford Mustang with its top down. The passenger stood, danced, and pumped his fist in the air as the driver sped in the rain across freeways and winding Hollywood Hills roads, sometimes veering into oncoming traffic and at other times hugging the edge of dropping hillsides. 


On Hollywood Boulevard, the driver spun doughnuts on slick blacktop. The Los Angeles Police Department temporariy abandoned its pursuit several times because of dangerous conditions, the Los Angeles Times reported. 

"It's definitely odd behavior," said LAPD Officer Matthew Ludwig.

The Mustang clipped at least one car. At one point, on the 101 Freeway, a TMZ tour bus blocked the fleeing car as the bus driver attempted to change lanes. 

"We've spoken to the driver ... who says he never even saw the chase coming behind him. He was innocently changing lanes, and ended up cutting off the suspects," a statement read on the TMZ website.


Some onlookers cheered, waved and jumped up and down. Eventually, with at least one tire blown, the Mustang came to a stop in south L.A., where the two men, both wearing blue t-shirts, got out of the car and were hugged and fist-bumped by people who filed into the street.

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After a few minutes, while the men calmly waited by the car, Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies showed up and the two surrendered without incident.

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