College Football Players Make Hilarious Videos After Getting Trapped In Elevator For An Hour

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University of Southern California's football player Zach Banner learned the hard way that the posted weight limit on an elevator is not a suggestion, but a hard rule.

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When 360-pound Banner and seven of his equally-as-large teammates squeezed into an elevator together, they apparently didn't know about the 2,500 weight limit. The eight football players weigh approximately 3,200 pounds combined, according to ESPN.

Jordan Austin, one of the linemen that was also trapped in the elevator, said they moved half-a-floor before the elevator stopped and it became evident they were trapped, ESPN reported.

Banner pulled out his phone and started uploading short videos to his Twitter, in a desperate, but also humorous, cry for help.

The team even kept themselves entertained with an impromptu "Elevator Rap".

The funny ordeal took a scary turn after firefighters arrived with snacks and bottled water, but were not immediately able to rescue the team. Banner could be seen in a video with a face full of sweat, squeaking, "help me!"

In his final message, it was clear that the team's last shred of hope left the elevator.

"I love you," he whispered in the camera, "my phone is at 2 percent. This is probably my last message."

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After the tribulation, that appeared to have lasted about an hour according to the time stamps, Banner wrote to a relieved Twitter audience:

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