Meet the Warthog Piglet and Rottweiler Puppy That Became Best Friends After Being Rescued

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It looks like The Lion King was not far off about friendships in the animal kingdom.

Meet Piggy and Nikita, a warthog and Rottweiler pair in South Africa that are best of friends.

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According to The Dodo, the warthog piglet was found with two of his siblings living in a drain on the side of the road. The woman who found them fed the babies milk, but their mother never came back.

Daktari, a wildlife orphanage and school in the town of Hoedspruit, picked up the trio, but only Piggy survived.

Even though he was the odd piglet out, a Rottweiler living at the nature school quickly became his friend, despite obvious differences.

"Their bond grew and eventually they were inseparable," said Ian Merrifield, a co-founder of Daktari, in an interview with The Dodo. "They started sharing the same bed and same food."

Even though the rescue was worried Piggy was too weak, Nikita the Rottweiler quickly nursed him back to health, despite being a puppy.

The pair were often seen getting into trouble, including running around the camp, or chasing each other around the patio furniture, The Dodo reported.

But, in their downtime, "they also loved cuddling on the couch and protecting their couch territory," Merrifield said. "Piggy was very territorial over his spot on the couch."

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Piggy was healthy enough to be released to a local game reserve last year, and despite their irreplaceable friendship, the shelter is happy to report that the warthog is thriving, and Nikita has now become fast friends with jackals Minnie and JP.

For more information on Daktari, an animal orphanage focused on educating the public on wildlife, visit

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