Video Shows Boys Throwing Rocks at Homeless Man Seeking Shelter From the Rain: Police

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Police have released surveillance footage of two young boys they say assaulted a homeless man by throwing rocks at him inside a bank vestibule.

"It’s very disturbing to see two young people doing something like this,” Lieutenant John Stanford with the Philadelphia Police told

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On Thursday, the South Philadelphia Police Department released the footage of the suspects, who they speculate are between 12 and 14 years old. The video shows the boys laughing as they attack the man, who was seeking shelter from a storm outside on May 29, according to police.

A month after the alleged incident, police are still on the search for the two boys and hope that by releasing the video to the public, someone will step forward with information.

“We’re are putting this out hoping that someone will recognize these kids and notify us so we can bring them in and have them answer for their actions,” Lieutenant Stanford said.

In the video, the 42-year-old man is seen inside a TD Bank on South 5th Street, according to police. As the boys enter, they appear to throw stones at him and he attempts to shield himself with his arms over his head.

They leave and then return again, this time with the victim’s shopping cart, which they shove into him, before throwing more rocks, according to the footage released by police.

After leaving again, the young suspects appear with rocks once more and hurl them at the man before running out, the footage shows.

Police say the incident took place over a period of about five minutes, and the unnamed victim was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for minor cuts to the head and neck pain.

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Lieutenant Stanford said he is eager to have justice served.

“Particularly when you see young kids involved in something like this, it’s a disgrace, and to see them laughing like it’s a joke or a game to assault someone makes you ask if parents even knew. Where were their parents?” he said.

“It brings a lot to the surface that these kids have something going on, and something beyond policing needs to be done,” he added.

Anyone with information on the attack can call 215-686-TIPS or send a text message to PPD TIP (773847).

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