Woman Drives Nail Through Her Own Hand on Live TV When Magic Trick Goes Horribly Wrong

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A trick went terribly wrong on live television in Poland when a show’s co-host got stabbed through the hand with a nail.

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While appearing on the morning show, “Question for Breakfast,” magician Marcin Poloniewicz stood a nail in one of four paper bags, mixed them up, and slammed his hand down on one of the bags, without hitting the nail.

Then Poloniewicz, who’s appeared on “Poland’s Got Talent,” asked the show’s co-host, Marzena Rogalska, to do the same. “I don’t want the one with the nail,” she begged.

Poloniewicz took her hand, saying, “We’ll do this on three, okay? Watch out. One, two…”

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Then he slammed her hand down on a bag, but the outcome wasn’t nearly as positive.

She hit the nail, and it went through her hand. She screamed out in pain, as Poloniewicz said live on-air, "Oh f---, I’m sorry. I pierced your hand. Really. I pierced her hand."

Crying out, and at one point bending toward the ground, she cried out, "Ow, that hurt!" as her co-host said, “Please, don’t let this be happening for real.” The magician then whisked her off the set.

Rogalska, who was rushed to a hospital, later issued a statement saying that the wound was superficial, and that she was doing fine. “He didn’t mean for this to happen,” she said. 

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