Rudy Looks Like a Lady: Giuliani Dressed in Drag With Donald Trump in Newly Unearthed Footage

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Rudy Giuliani's impassioned speech at the Republican National Convention has made him an ally for Donald Trump, however, this lost video shows how far the two go back.

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The footage from 16 years ago has surfaced of Giuliani dressed in drag during his tenure as mayor of New York City.

He performed the skit with Donald Trump for a charity dinner where the real estate tycoon called Guiliani’s character "really beautiful."

At one point in the skit, Trump pressed his face against Giuliani's "breasts," to which the mayor responded: "Ooh, you dirty boy!"

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Giuliani's character exclaimed: "Donald, I thought you were a gentleman!"

Trump then fired back: "Don’t say I didn’t try."

As shocking as it is to see Giuliani dressed as a woman, it's not the only time. He also donned a dress and wig in a 1997 skit on Saturday Night Live.

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