Elderly White Man Pays for Stranger's Groceries After Telling Him: 'Black Lives Do Matter'

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A California man was left speechless at a grocery store when he said a white man offered to pay his bill, after apologizing for the racial inequality and police brutality in the country.

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Sampson McCormick, 30, who is black, said he was at The Grocery Outlet in Oakland when older white man approached him and asked, "Did you go to the Black Lives Matter protests?"

McCormick later told InsideEdition.com that Oakland was the center of many tense Black Lives Matter protests just the previous day, following the killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

"You know it's really sad that things like that are still happening in this country. It's f***ing sad," the man continued, according to McCormick.

McCormick told InsideEdition.com that he couldn't help but laugh during their conversation: "It was serious, but it was funny the way he was going off."

They arrived at the cash register, and as McCormick handed the cashier money, he said Samuel pushed his cash away, and offered to pay for $20 worth of groceries himself.

Samuel then told him, "It's the least I can do, because I don't deal with these things. Let me extend this act of kindness to you. I'm going to show you black lives do matter," McCormick said.

Speechless, McCormick accepted his generosity.

"He made my day because he was so passionate," McCormick told InsideEdition.com. "It's always refreshing and uplifting to know that there's someone who doesn't exactly walk in your shoes, but knows what's going on."

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In fact, McCormick said he deals with prejudice every day as a black and gay man — which he often addresses in his comedy act.

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