Girl, 8, Tells Obama in Adorable Letter to 'Wear Tie-Dye,' 'Do Something Fun,' President Responds

Out of the mouths of babes.

A little girl took it upon herself to offer her take on what the United States needs to President Barack Obama, telling him to have more fun in an adorable letter.

“I think this country needs more spunk,” Lily, whose father serves in the Air Force, wrote to Obama.

Citing issues the country is facing, including “all the attacks” and the Zika virus, the sage 8 year old suggested the commander-in-chief let loose.

“Please do something fun,” Lily wrote.

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“Wear a tie-dye shirt and shorts to something important. Go on a water skiing trip in the Caribbean. Take your family to Disney World. Do something fun and out going(sic).”

She asked Obama to also offer his own words of wisdom to the American people, writing, “please say something that will make everyone calm. You do know how many politics worries I have.”

Lily congratulated Obama on a job well-done and for serving “almost eight years as president!”

“I am your biggest fan,” she wrote.

“My dad is in the Air Force and that inspired me to have my back up job be President. (My dream job is cardiovascular surgeon.) Keep running the country!”

Obama replied to his little biggest fan, writing in his own letter that while he didn’t think his wife or daughters would appreciate the fashion makeover, “I do know that one of my greatest responsibilities as President is ensuring your generation can thrive—and that includes making sure you can live in safety and reach for boundless opportunity.

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“I know things happening around the world can sometimes be worrisome, but we can make real and lasting progress if young people like you focus on growing and learning and keep speaking out about important challenges our Nation faces,” Obama continued.

He urged Lily to work hard, writing: “Your enthusiasm and drive give me great hope for the future, and I am confident you can achieve your highest aspirations if you put your best effort into everything you do. I expect great things from you!”

Obama noted Lily has enough spunk to keep the nation strong, thanked her father for his service to the country and closed the letter, “Your friend, Barack Obama.”

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