At Home With Octomom: Take an Inside Look at the Famous Octuplets as They Turn 8


Eight years after Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets, she is explaining how she gets through every day raising 14 kids as a single mom.

The mother, who now goes by Natalie, is perhaps best known as "Octomom," although she says it's a moniker she'd rather leave behind.

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"I never coined the term Octomom," she told Inside Edition, calling it a creation of the media.

But she admits that "out of desperation" to provide for her family, "I shamefully embraced the character. I have embraced every day with gratitude,” she added.

Suleman explained her morning routine as she cares for the octuplets, who recently turned 8, and her six older children inside a small three-bedroom townhouse located outside Los Angeles.

At 6 a.m. everyone is up and ready to start the day with backpacks and lunches ready to go. Everyone has a chore, and some help make breakfast, others do their part with laundry.

“It’s kind of messy but we are a strong, solid family unit, unbeknownst to what many people believe," the mother said.

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She drives her children to school and other activities in a white van and does it all on her own.

“Help? I don’t get any help," she claimed. "I haven’t had any help in many, many years." 

Her kids are on a vegan diet. At their recent eighth birthday party, they feasted on cheese-less pizza and tons of vegetables. They even enjoyed a chocolate vegan cake.

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