Couple Caught on Camera Trying to Break Into Car With Scissors: Cops

A Florida couple has been arrested after cops say they were caught on camera trying to break into a car with scissors.

According to police in Aventura, Yovani Martinez Rodriguez and Maria Estrada Fernandez were in a mall parking lot February 13 when cameras recorded them attempting to unlock car doors with the scissors.

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Police said the pair would jam the scissors in the keyhole of the car and try to unlock the door, WSVN reports.

Rodriguez and Fernandez were both taken into custody, and police said they found the scissors during a search.

When questioned, cops said Fernandez denied being a lookout and claimed Rodriguez was looking for a place to urinate and not attempting to break into any cars.

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The pair face charges, including burglary of an unoccupied vehicle and possession of burglary tools.

Police are reportedly investigating whether the couple has been involved in other burglaries.

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